Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Should we give the long term unemployed food stamps instead of money?


Britains who work are paying for the social lives of many who refuse to get a job. I think it would be a much better system that like Australia we offer a food card that will only allow them to buy food or clothes rather than Night outs, Electronics, Alcohol, Ciggarettes and illegal Drugs. 

What the food card offers is that no longer will the unemployed or parents with multiple children have access to cash to spend as they please on stuff they have not earned. The system is already in place in Australia and the system of food stamps has worked well in the USA for many years.
Many Britains feel that it should also be introduced in Britain.

Introducing this system will make it more appealing for the people who refuse to work and abuse the system by having multiple children and getting free housing benefits, not paying tax and having much more money than the average worker. The LAbour Party created a welfare dependent culture in Britain and now its time drastic action is taken and following the likes of America and Australia with the Benefits card system is the only way to move forward and remove the abusers and help the people who really need the benefits for food and standard living.

The Australian government is rolling out a radical new way of paying welfare benefits that may be instructive for other countries around the world.

Instead of being given cash or cheques, thousands of people are now issued with electronic "credit" cards.

The Basics cards, as they are called, can only be used to purchase "priority" items such as food, housing, clothing, education and health care. {no fags and booze for example}

The government calls the cards a form of income management. While some use the cards voluntarily, for others they are compulsory.

That is why this world-first system of welfare payments has won both praise and disapproval.

Compulsory income management was introduced by the government of John Howard in 2007 and was initially confined to the Northern Territories and parts of Queensland.

By forcing some onto the scheme, it represented a major change to the Australian welfare system.

Until that point, there were few restrictions placed on recipients over how they used their benefit payments.

Now the government believes the scheme is working so well, it is rolling it out across much of the country, at a cost of around A$1bn ($1.03bn; £660m).


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  1. ok yes this might be a good idea but it should only be for people who definetly do not show that they want to find work. I have been out of work for 1 year except for december where i worked as a xmas temp. im constantly looking for work and the money i receive does not go on going out etc. i use it for travel expenses, bills etc. under this scheme i would not be able to travel to interviews, sign on, or pay bills