Sunday, 2 September 2012

Mass immigration, and how the Socialists & Labour tried to destroy Britishness

Throughout the tenure of the last Labour government this newspaper, and others — while praising the huge contribution immigrants had made to this country in the past — attacked the laxity of what were supposed to be our border controls.

It was clear the very nature of our society was being changed by a new kind of uncontrolled mass immigration — and without the British people ever having been asked whether they supported the policy.
Uncontrolled: Immigration surged under Labour
Uncontrolled: Immigration surged under Labour
Labour arrogantly accused its critics of racism — though most of the incomers were white — and of scaremongering.

It claimed it had no choice but to open our borders to the nationals of ten mainly ex-Soviet bloc countries which joined the EU in 2004.

The truth was that — as other EU countries which restricted immigration from these states proved — it did have a choice.

Action: Home Secretary Theresa May has announced that the UK Border Agency will be split
Action: Home Secretary Theresa May has announced that the UK Border Agency will be split


The cynicism did not end there. Such, Labour claimed, was its commitment to ensuring that only people with a right to be in Britain could come here that in 2008 it set up the UK Border Agency. The truth, unfortunately, was very different.

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, has announced that the agency is being wound up next month precisely because it is useless, and the officials who ran it — rather like the borders they supposedly policed — were out of control.

Despite the strong threat from international terrorism, the evidence of eastern European criminal gangs infiltrating Britain, and our overburdened public and social services, 500,000 unchecked people were let in to Britain via Eurostar between 2007 and last year, while countless so-called students were just nodded through.

Though Labour clearly left the system in a shambles, it should be noted that it has taken almost two years for this Government to admit the mess our immigration procedures are in, and to do something about it.

So Mrs May’s department — and notably the Immigration Minister Damian Green — also have a case to answer.

They seemed unaware that their officials, too, were ordering the relaxation of controls. Yet while the Coalition has been derelict, Labour was downright malign.

The game was given away in 2009 by Andrew Neather, a former Labour Home Office and Downing Street adviser, who revealed that mass immigration was a deliberate policy by the Left to change the social fabric of the country and to ‘rub the Right’s nose in diversity’.

This appalling policy was never discussed publicly because Labour strategists feared it would upset the party’s traditional white working-class support. For self-interested political reasons, the public could not possibly be consulted.

Mass immigration gratified the Left in two ways that have inflicted enormous damage on our country. It furthered the bogus notion of multiculturalism — undermining national identity and common values, and preventing the successful integration of immigrant communities into the British cultural mainstream.

Seven in 10 Britons believe there are too many immigrants in the country, an Ipsos Mori poll showed.
Three in four agreed that immigration has placed too much pressure on public services while three in five agreed that it had made it harder for Britons to get jobs.
Just one in four thought immigration had been good for the economy, the survey of 1,000 people showed.

I don't think there has been too much immigration into the UK, I think it's been the wrong immigrants.

Let me explain what I mean. Immigrants from the third world, i.e. outside of Europe, have very little compunction to integrate and adopt the host culture of the UK. Many are black and whilst this shouldn't make a difference, most of the population of the UK is not. Many are devoutly Muslim, which is different to the 'Christian' religion of this country. Their experiences and customs are different to ours. What tends to happen therefore is that they end up in enclaves all over the country. Places like Bradford and Blackburn are testimony to that. In Glasgow, the poorer Asian immigrants congregate around the Allison Street area, until they earn serious money and then they move out to the 'South-Side'.

Left-wingers will tell me, they bring employment. Er, no! They tend to employ other Asians who are married off to various family members. I have experience of some elderly women who have been here for 40 years and can speak no more than six words of English.

The other argument we hear is that there has been immigration into Scotland for a thousand years. Well, yes, but from Europe, where the people tend to have a similar culture to us. Where have you been in Europe that feels distinctly different from the UK, apart from the obvious differences like language. There is a current case before the courts of a woman who is being barred from bringing her husband over from India, because he comes from a small village, (a cousin) and can't speak English. She says the ruling is against her human rights. Well, IMO, it's against our human rights to let her husband in, if he doesn't want to integrate in this country. She could always go over and join him in India!

For too long in this country, immigration has been one of the 'elephants in the room'. It's time we brought it out in the open and at least discussed it without us being labelled as 'racists' for doing so.

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