Friday, 24 August 2012

Anders Breivik Could be out in 10 Years

So a man Kills on a mass scale and he does not get a life sentence but is given a minamum of 10 years and a maximum of only 21 years! This is another form of Political Correctness and Human Rights Laws gone mad.

Even though he was attacking the cultural marxist socialists, it was their Socialist causes that may see him back on the streets of Norway in 2022 and could lead to him carrying out a simular attack.

News sources are saying that, this was the plan all along. He has gained world wide recognition from his attack in 2011 and is now able to interact with supporters through the internet in which he has access from his jail.

Surely this is another example of the failurse of Socialism and why it needs to be removed from anything to do with the setup and governance of a country and more importantly a political system. But what is it that drove Breivik to Attack Socialists?

I have written a research paper that will answer all these questions and it is available to purchase on Amazon Kindle or Computer.

Do cases like this not prove that Communism and Socialism is a failure and has damaged a system that prevented crimes like this from happening due to threat of death penalty and preventing the occurrance of Multiculturism which is the arguement from Breivik in the first place. Had their not been forced multiculturism on the western world, this attack would not have happened in the first place.

The Rise of Socialism in the last 70 years has slowly but surely seen Britains & Americans and the Western World become too scared to speak in case they offend somebody, but just how much has the left become the new right and the enemy of the people in Britain, America and the rest of the Western World.

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